Productivity Management

Productivity Management is about planning, organizing, leading (directing), and
controlling the ratio of what is produced to what is required (or agreed to) produce
in an organization.

When we talk about Productivity Management at White Wall Web we mean:
"solving the problem of company resource productivity tracking (estimated versus
actual), reporting and improvement through the implementation of a sustainable
productivity management system."

We use our consulting framework to intimately understand and advise on systemic
solutions to the specific problems that are being experienced around our client’s
enterprise productivity management requirement.

We also offer the service of providing project teams to implement the solutions that
we propose.

Types of businesses that would benefit from this service:

  • Consultants who bill by the hour (Auditors, ICT, Marketing, PR, Design etc.)
  • Service businesses where time is a major input cost
  • Product research and development companies

Gameplan Projects

One of our Productivity Management solutions – Gameplan is a web‐based application
that equips organizations with the tools to accurately measure time spent by
employees on specific projects, iterations, tasks etc. This application is fully
customizable to suit any business requirements.

Read more about Gameplan here